Imagine all the superheroes going to the same office for their day jobs. That’s how I often feel working at Asiatic. Asiatic Center is home to many Clarks and Karas but unlike Superman or Supergirl, people here are actually awesome at their jobs and they do it passionately. And hence Asiatic Center is a real life incarnation of the Justice League or the Teen Titans Headquarter for me.
Kingkor is the king of stories and an established writer. So are Manik and Noman- our Jingle guru and status superstar. Rifka is already making her mark in feature writing when she’s not busy writing scripts. Snehashish and Shoumik are our in-house (or domestic) celebrities, stealing hearts everywhere. We have talented musicians like Navid, Avishek, Taswar and Arnob. Our youngest and brightest Tahmid cosplays when he’s not conjuring visual magic. Even Sadman is a master of lame jokes. And the list goes on. What happens when all these creative heads are under one roof? Madness! Creative madness to be exact. And that’s why the building is always bustling with noise and activities. The creative craving doesn’t stop in just delivering deliverables but it always goes beyond that. We are constantly challenging ourselves with events like Art of War or Poster Design Competition or Unplugged Sessions. This gives everyone a chance to exercise their free expression and bring that energy back to work. That’s how and why we always try to push the envelope a little further every time.

It’s a thing of beauty when the uniqueness of individuals are not suppressed but celebrated. That is not only motivating but productive as well. When everyone brings their individual take on the table we are able to create something special. I think this philosophy has enabled us to do what we do best in the industry. Hence our Clark Kents and Peter Parkers are not timid and lethargic but they are as much awesome as their superhero identity.

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