The day starts early for us. One might argue that we get 2 days of weekend which might be rare somewhere else but as an insider, we know that is a myth.

And look, Sunday is here again. We have newer faces around the office. Very recently a bunch of five joined us- that too altogether. I only see them running around trying to make acquaintances, not that it is a bad thing. After all, getting on board has to be the priority. Their supervisor is disoriented as always, trying to figure out who is fit for which role. I don’t blame her; the new ones are always messy. But I believe she will succeed in training them to meet the Asiatic standard. I can think back to the days when I was as young and enthusiastic about my work, just like them. I used to watch the big bosses and take notes. I found myself more of a planner, an observer ready to strike. Taking inspiration from Neville bhai, Sadib bhai and Adittya da to settle all the branches of my thought. I can see the young ones stumbling and trying to do the same now. Seems they have their own set of goofy charms. I see them sniffing out their favorite people and warming up to them. Makes me tremendously happy to see everyone helping them out through their state of confusion. Uncluttering their workspace and guiding them with affection. That level of endearment might be rarer than you think. …the commotion has begun it seems. Time to bark it up and watch out for the feedback chase. But with us as your guards, need not to worry. We are the proud paws of Asiatic.

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