During my twelve years in Asiatic JWT, I have been blessed to come across great super heroes of this universe. Every hero has different super powers by which they have made lives of people around them better. I don’t dare to reveal the identity of all these super heroes as the list goes on and on and on. Rather let me introduce you to their super powers. Some has the power to stay supercool in the gravest situation and provide a solid solution by analyzing every relevant critical information most correctly. Some has this great power of healing a broken heart, or some can lighten up someone’s most doom moments merely with their presence. Some has fascinating foreign linguistic skill which cracks others up. Some can teleport a little gossip at the speed of the Flash. Some can prepare out-of-the-galaxy delicacies to defeat the evil tummy. Some can magically blow away the minds in distant foreign lands with their unreal magical voices, while some are able to kill devastating boredom by enchanting tunes from their musical instruments. Some go far-far-away to foreign lands to showcase their super creative mind. Some super heroes stand their ground at any cost in order to defend the honor of this fraternity. Some genuinely holds the power of courage to overcome the fear and get inked for the very first time or go red on hair! Most of these Heroes holds this super power of multitasking. It may apparently look effortless how they manage between work and life, although this requires huge dedication, hard work and great mental strength.

Doesn’t this sound much like regular super powers to you? Then it’s the perspective you need to revisit. These trifle human qualities can turn anyone into the super cool heroes. They don’t need to come from Marvel or DC. They are already among us. They inspire us. They complete us. They are our very own female colleagues, the woman force, the indomitable spirit, and the ultimate Super Heroes!

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